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Quality Niles Remodeling Contractor

No place in Chicagoland is quite as charming as Niles, and the beautiful people who live here only deserve the best when they need home remodeling services! If you're in the area and want the best remodeling contractor in town, no one does a better job than the professionals at Pegasus Construction! Niles is known for it's smaller version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but unlike the Tower of Pisa, we strive to make sure our work stands the test of time. Here at Pegasus Construction, we'd like to take some credit for that because, for a long time, people in Niles have been relying on us whenever they need an honest, professional remodeling contractor. When people call us, they know they're going to get the first-class customer service we're renowned for, and when it comes to quality of work, we're far ahead of the pack. Some of the best reasons to trust Pegasus Construction as your remodeling contractor include:
  • Our services can meet any style or budget
  • We prioritize keeping your home safe and keeping you happy
  • We're realistic and honest with you about time frames
  • The materials we source are high-quality and from reputable dealers
  • There's no project too big or small for our experienced pros
  • We provide free consultations for every service we provide
  • We believe in keeping transparent communication throughout the project
  • We ensure amazing results
  • You work hard for your money, so when you need professional remodeling work done, you deserve the best in the business. If you're a homeowner in the Niles area, choose Pegasus Construction as your preferred local remodeling contractor by calling Missing required attribute: Missing required 'which' attribute on shortcode phone-number..

    Expert Kitchen Remodeling Services in Niles, Illinois

    If you're ready to give your Niles kitchen an attractive makeover, Pegasus Construction is here to help you! From wall removal to granite countertops, there's nothing our specialists can't handle when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Our team has the expertise and equipment to make the kitchen of your dreams the kitchen of your future! Your imagination is the limit when it comes to your kitchen. Pegasus Construction is the contractor you can trust for top-quality kitchen remodeling that will supersede all of your expectations.

    Your Local Niles Bathroom Remodeling Experts

    Remodeling your Niles bathroom isn't a luxurious expense, but an investment towards your comfort and property value. Pegasus Construction is the bathroom remodeling expert that can drastically improve any bathroom you have to the bathroom you wish you had. Our design and construction experts take the cake when it comes to matching our customers' needs, and we don't miss the smaller details either. Some of the benefits that come with bathroom remodeling include:
  • Increased Function
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Superior Comfort
  • Elevated Property Value
  • Updated Style
  • Additional Space
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